Steel Sex Toys

Why use steel sex toys

The Reasons Steel Sex Toys Should Be Used

Steel sex toys, like glass, are becoming increasingly popular as a sex toy material. They have a variety of benefits to them which helps with their popularity and they can come in a range of different toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, dildos, steel wands and even chastity cages.

Each stainless steel sex toy is created for a specific need. You will discover that many of them, such as wands, are incredibly versatile in their usage, and as such it is little wonder that there are an increasing amount of people opting for the durability, safety and guarantees of satisfaction that steel offers. Not only is it a classy and durable material, but if you have skin issues with other toys, or find yourself a bit sensitive, then you’ll find that steel toys are the way to go.

Before we go into the benefits of steel sex toys, we will note that if you’re looking for a toy that will bend and mold to your shape or vibrate – then you might find that a sex toy made of metal may not be the most ideal pleasure tool for you to use. If you can move beyond that though then there are many benefits to using steel sex toys which this article will explore.

Woman in steel restraints

1. Elegance And Class:-

There can be no denying that steel sex toys can look absolutely amazing. Some of them will look more like decorations and desk ornaments and paper weights as opposed to looking like a sex toy. The steel looks shiny, they have a beautiful smoothness to them and they’re ideal to run across the body as a massage tool for foreplay before insertion. When you put them side by side to a cheap jelly toy, or a big black veiny dildo you will immediately associate the steel toy as a toy sparkling with class and luxury. Some butt plugs, and insertables will even be encrusted with jewels, and other coloured glass items which will capture the light and throw off coloured light around the room like a jeweled dream catcher. We did mention that these toys can be beautiful and classy. Some toys are even made with gold or platinum!

2. Versatility:-

Steel sex toys can be extremely versatile in their function and use. Because they’re a non-porous material you can combine them with any kind of lubricant that is non-abrasive. Further, because they do not absorb bacteria so long as they’re being sterilized between uses, they can be used on or in multiple sexual partners in the same session.

3. Smoothness:-

Owing to the smoothness of steel once you apply lubricant to them they will have virtually no resistance to them. If you’re struggling with inserting silicone or rubber sex toys, especially when stretching, then you should consider a toy made from steel because of the lack of resistance. They are incredibly smooth and for the most part will be extremely easy to insert. You will need to keep in mind though, that they have no give in them. Where rubber and silicone will compress or bend slightly when pressure is placed onto it, metal will not have any give into it.

Surgical Steel Is Water Safe

4. Cleanliness:-

Whilst we have another article looking at how to care for your steel sex toy – we will note here that metal is a very hygienic material to use. It is non-porous, it doesn’t inflame any allergies or sensitivities and unlike rubber toys, these ones are extremely easy to clean and look after. Looking after them properly will ensure that your steel sex toy will outlast anything else that you have, and may even outlast you! Though it is advised that you don’t leave this to your surviving family members.

5. Bondage And BDSM Toys:-

They are extremely useful for standard sexual activities, but they truly come into their own during Bondage sessions. Because of the material of the steel, they have an increased weight to them as opposed to other toys, and because of this they can be feel amazing when it comes to butt plugs and other insertables. Imagine this. You’re engaging in a bondage scene, you’re tied down to the table or the bed, and you can use your playmates chest as a storage area for your steel toys. The coolness and weight of the toy will leave your partners imagination running wild.

6. Weight:-

As mentioned, steel sex toys are body safe, non-porous and are heavier than other toys. Because these toys are heavier than others, especially when dealing with Butt Plugs it is recommended that steel sex toys are more suited for experienced users.

7. Temperature Play:-

Steel reacts to temperature quite well, and because of this there are options for interesting sensations when you’re using them or having them used on you. Combine these toys with a glass of hot water, or some ice cubes and you can quickly alter the temperature before using them to slide across you or your partner’s skin or before you insert them. A lot of people are nervous when it comes to inserting steel sex toys because they are unsure about the ‘coldness’ of the toy. Firstly, it will warm up inside the body very quickly, and secondly you can adjust the temperature of the toy before inserting it.

Robotic Sex Scene

As you can see, with a little imagination and or creativity – metal sex toys can have a variety of uses and they have many advantages as opposed to other types of materials with sex toys. There is little reason to be nervous about metal sex toys because all of the concerns regarding this material can be alleviated very simply, for example people get nervous about having some cold inserted or used on them. The durability of metal as well as the hygienic reasons for using metal far outweigh any concerns. The only real thing that you will need to consider is the idea that steel will not bend, and it will not squish or compress during insertion.