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How is chrome metal made

How Is Chrome Metal Made

What Does Chrome Plating Look Like
Caption: Photo: The Manufacturing Process Of Chrome Plating

This is a complete guide on how chrome metal is made for sex toys. If you come across an adult lifestyle product which is made with chrome, it may be referring to a method of chrome plating which uses electroplating. Electroplating is a method that uses electric current to place an extremely thin layer of metal on an electrode to change the external properties of a product.  Electroplating helps to protect internal structure with extra resistance to protect it from corrosion and it can also help reduce the amount of friction when a lubricant or lotion is used with the product. Electroplating a metal like chrome also gives it the beautiful aesthetic value which makes it appear shiny and smooth. The additional layer also helps to make the product thicker in width and length.

Electroplating is an extremely clean process, if is it is not done in a clean environment the finish of the product will not look aesthetically correct. Any type of residue, oil, grease, loose particles, dust or dirt which is on the object can stop the coating from sticking to different areas of the product. This is why the metal must be cleaned before electroplating begins.

Different methods are used to clean the metal which includes the use of solvents like hot alkaline detergents, acid treatments and electro-cleaning. These products are applied or sprayed onto the surface or the product is fully immersed in the solvent and then soaked for a period of time. Soaking is one of the most common ways to clean the metal. The benefits of these cleaning methods include the reduction of emissions to the environment, it does not require a lot of ventilation as they are not using vapours and they are a lot safer to use than vapour degreasing agents.

Once cleaned, a water-break test is performed on the metal, this involves running the product under a running stream of water – If the water breaks up into different streams, beads on the surface or runs off the product to quickly it is not clean and if the water maintains one stream it has been successfully cleaned.

What Chrome Plating Looks Like
Caption: Photo: Plastic Chrome Plating

Types Of Chrome

There are two different types of chrome:

– Decorative:

Decorative chrome is used to enhance the design of the metal alloy. It is available in different thickness including 0.002 to 0.02 mils (0.05 to 0.5 µm). The base of decorative chrome can range from the use of aluminium, steel, copper, nickel, zinc and plastic. Although it is mainly used to increase the aesthetic appeal of the product it is also used in the cars and in kitchen utensils which are both known for their resistance to extremely corrosive environments which are also used over a long period of time. You will be able to find companies who specialise in this like Paul’s Chrome Plating Inc.

– Hard:

Hard Chrome is also known as Industrial or Engineered Chrome. Hard Chrome is used to increase the strength of the product as it can measure 65 to 69 HRC in hardness. It is also available in different thicknesses including 0.02 to 0.04 mm (20 to 40 µm), sometimes it can be even thicker.  It is made so it is resistant to wear, resistance to water corrosion and it is also resistant to two different surfaces that are sliding together. Hard Chrome is also used to fix products which have worn away over time. A company who specialises in Hard Chrome Plating is the ElectrolizingCoproration of Ohio.

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