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Penis plugs

Penis Plugs

Diviner 4 Stage Penis Plug By Hell's Couture
Caption: Sex Toy: Hell’s Couture Diviner 4 Stage Penis Plug

When men think about the types of sex toys that are available, normally the types of products which come to mind include ball and cock toys, fleshlights, men’s masturbators, strokers and love dolls. All these sex toys are made so that they stimulate the outside of the men’s bodies. But did you know that men can masturbate by stimulating their urethra? The product which is used to get this type of stimulation is called a steel penis plug or a urethral sex toy which allows you to experience an orgasm from the inside out rather than the outside in! Using a steel penis plug involves slowly training your body to accept urethral sex toys of different sizes whether they are larger, longer and have differing amounts of texture.

There are many different types of steel Penis Plugs like solid, through-hole, sperm stopper, prince’s wand ridged, tapered, glans ring, erotic electrostimulation and vibrating. For more advanced urethral sex toy users there are urethral sounds, urethral wands, sound kits, buddy, long penis plugs, centipede and penis plugs which can be used with Prince Albert piercings.

Beginners Penis Plug

A Beginners Penis Plug is often made out of surgical steel or silicone that is body safe. The best type of Beginner’s Penis Plug is made without any texture but is completely smooth so that insertion goes as easy as possible. This is so that you won’t feel any surprising textures that may surprise you and you can get used of the feeling of insertion.

You will also need to find a steel Penis Plug that is short in size, this is so that if you get caught up in the heat of the moment that you do not push the steel Penis Plug to an area which it should not be. If you buy one that is short, it will give you time to prepare your urethra to experience ones which are wider and longer. At this stage the width of the steel Penis Plug should not be any larger than the current size of your urethra.

A Beginner’s Penis Plug must have a handle which ensures that the plug stops so that it is never fully inserted. There are different types of handles available including flat top stoppers, T-bars and L shaped bars. The great thing about a steel Penis Plug that has a handle is that you can use it to move the sex toy up and down, it gives you all the control that you need to make your first experience using urethral sex toys a positive one.

Another great feature to look out for when buying your first steel Penis Plug is a glans ring which can help keep the sex toy in place when you are masturbating. This is so that you can keep one of your hands free to do other things rather than using is to hold the steel Penis Plug in place.

How To Use A Penis Plug

You should read a complete guide on how to use Penis Plugs Safely, this is so thatyou can prepare yourself and the environment around you before you begin your experience. You will need to purchase a sterile lubricant like Surgilube or a high quality lubricant like SuperSlyde, it is not recommended to use anything which is oil based lubricant, glycerine lubricant and numbing lubricant. You will also need to take your time to sterilise the equipment and take the appropriate measures to clean the surfaces around you which may come in contact with the Penis Plug.

Your very first step to use a Penis Plug would be to take your time to become completely relaxed. Think about what activities you can do which will place you in a calm mindset, for some people that may be reading a book, listening to meditation music, practicing deep breathing exercises and taking a bath or shower. Although you may want to experience your first time with someone else, it is recommended to do it by yourself so that you are from anything which could potentially be distracting.

After you have applied a good amount of lubrication to the Penis Plug and the tip of your urethra you are ready to begin inserting the Penis Plug. You should not be erect but instead your penis should be soft and flaccid. Place the tip of the Penis Plug on the opening of your urethra and slowly guide it in. Take your time and allow gravity to do most of the work for you, you should not be forcing the Penis Plug in at all. During this time you should always apply more lubricant, before it runs low because any amount of friction can cause a painful experience. The urethra does not naturally lubricate itself and if you are using a water based lubricant it will naturally soak it up, so it is better to always stay on the safe side and top up the lubricant when necessary.

When you are inserting and using the Penis Plug you must never force the penis plug in or rip the penis plug out. If your body tenses up at any time, spend your time relaxing. If the sex toy does not want to be pushed any further, there may be some scar tissue in the way which will hurt you if you push it in any further.

The first time you use a penis plug and it’s fully inserted, you will experience a slight sensation that may feel painful but hopefully it will also feel good which will arouse you. When you are ready you can begin pleasure yourself by either, masturbating externally, pushing and pulling the Penis Plug in and out or you can gently tap the top of the Penis Plug to feel small amounts of vibration. Your first time may only go for a couple of minutes or longer if you are lucky, but you will find that the more you get used of the experience and the more you train your urethra to use different sized penis plugs it will become even more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Penis Plugs

Penis Plugs

BD Style Ask Men Starter Penis Plug
Caption: Photo: Ask Men Starter Penis Plug

The Ask Men Starter Penis Plug by BDStyle is a beginner’s urethral sex toy which will give you a great introduction. It is solid with a gently tie that is tapered made for easy insertion. It is not too big and not to small making it the perfect size for anyone who is starting out. It had an L shaped handle which makes it easy to use and control. The Ask Men Starter Penis Plug is available in different sizes so you can pick one which specifically suits your body type.Steel Penis Plugs

Tee Penis Plug

Tee Penis Plug By Hell's Couture
Caption: Tee Penis Plug

The Tee Penis Plug by Hell’s Couture is made from Surgical Stainless Steel. It is made with a tapered tip which is slightly bigger than its shaft and it has a stopped which prevents it from going too far into the urethra. It is a good Penis Plug for people who are slightly more experienced and would like to try something longer and wider. The Tee Penis Plug has an insertable length of 82mm and is available to buy with various sized widths including 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Tapered Penis Plug

Cockpin Yourethra

Cockpin Yourethra By Rosebuds
Caption: Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra

Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra is a designer penis plug which is made with Stainless Steel Bronze that is graded BR10. It is made with a tapered tip for ease of insertion, it has a Swarovski crystal stopper which prevents it from going in to far and it has a glans ring which holds it in place. The glans ring is attached to the stopped by four chains that fall beautifully down the sides. The Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra has a insertable length of 63mm and a ring internal diameter of 32mm.

Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra