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Steel anal sex toys

Steel Anal Sex Toy Guide

Anal sex is an interest to a great many people, and there are a lot of toys out there that are designed for anal play and do a fantastic job at providing stimulation. But have you ever used a steel anal sex toy? There are many benefits and interesting things to consider when you’re looking at anal sex toys made from steel.

1. Weight:-

Steel is heavy. When you have a steel butt plug the weight can often provide a unique way of inserting it which many people find extremely pleasurable. Position yourself in such a way that the weight and gravity of the toy will provide a method of insertion as opposed to manual insertion. Because the material is so sleek, you’ll find that there’s virtually no resistance at all on the toy and that when it is lubed up you’ll find that insertion is incredibly easy. The weight can not only be used for insertion but it can be used in an aesthetic way as well. Imagine that your partner is laying there ready to engage in some play, you can use the metal dildo that you’re going to use later and place it on their chest. The heaviness of the piece can be an excellent mind altering tool which can be useful for BDSM play, not to mention the workout that you can receive when using some of the dildos, but we’ll let you decide on that one.

2. Temperature:-

Metal’s temperature can be altered quite quickly and for the most part the ass responds exceptionally well to temperature changes. Many people avoid steel sex toys for the reason that they feel that the steel will be cold and intimidating when in actual fact because the metal heats up quite quickly that there is very little ‘discomfort’ involved at all. Any discomfort to the cold metal can be avoided by placing the piece in warm water prior to insertion. Or, maybe you like the cooling sensation, then by all means you should add the steel to some ice to really cool the situation down.

3. Cleanliness:-

Steel will not absorb bacteria, and it is super easy to clean. During anal play it is inevitable that there will be some excess matter in the cavity at some stage in your life and it may be transferred to the sex toy. It happens. Because this toy is steel it is quite easy to remove it, bring the steel back to a shine and never even consider it again, brush it with a light cloth to remove dust and any impurities on the device, wash it and then you’re good to go again.

Steel Anal Sex Toys

Funky Fox Tail Anal Plug

Metal Fox Tail Butt Plug

This anal plug is delightful and beautiful. The soft ‘fur’ is sensational to touch and there are a multitude of people, and not just furries, that simply adore the Fox Tail Anal plug. How can they not? With its adorable cuteness, the fox tail anal plug is for creating a sexy and seductive appearance and for transforming an ordinary and boring butt plug into something unique and fun. Keep in mind that there a lot of different style when it comes to fluffy anal plugs and they will range from cotton tail rabbits, foxes, brown hounds and they will also come in a variety of traditional and non-traditional colours.Butt Plugs With Animal Tales

Ribbed Jewelled Butt Plug

Butt Plug With Bling

Now these beauties not only come in a variety of sizes, but their beautiful colours will turn any ass into a work of ass. Why jewelled butt plugs though? Maybe they find that the jewel is pretty, and they enjoy shiny things and want something special, or maybe they feel more confident wearing a butt plug that isn’t so plain and boing. I had one person who didn’t like ass, and had bought this to hide it and make everything look pretty. Whatever the reason, they exist and they’re popular. These particular ones are ribbed for an interesting experience when inserting or removing them from the body.

Ribbed and Jeweled Anal Sex Toys

Pro-steel Milking Sex Toy

Ultimate Metal Prostate Massager

This is based off a medical prostate stimulation device which is designed to milk the prostate. Prostate milking is an exceptionally intense sensation, and the ribbed aspect of the devices shaft will only serve to increase that intensity to maximum level. It can be worn during sex where the rocking motion of sexual activity will cause repeated stimulation to the prostate or it can be worn solo where one is rocking back and forth on the side of the bed. Either way, for men interested in prostate stimulation this is one toy that they should not miss out on.

P-Stim Metal Massager

Grinder Steel Dildo

Grinding Steel Dildo

No, this isn’t one that you’ll find in your kitchen, and it’s certainly not one that you’re going to see a torso of on the dating app grindr, but what this will do is crank up the heat. Steel dildos are so much fun, because of the sleekness of the material and how they will glide in and out effortlessly. This one is a fantastic example of a steel dildo as it is simple, to the point and straight up and down.

Massive Steel Dildo Sex Toy

As you can see there are a variety of different anal sex toys on the market. Not all of them are just for men, though there are some for the exclusive purpose of stimulating the prostate. Just remember to pay attention and care to your anal sex toys and they will provide you with benefits and joy for a long time to come.

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