Steel Sex Toys

Steel Sex Toy Care

How To Care For Steel Sex Toys

Sex toys are objects that are used to enhance the sexual pleasure of people. As you have seen so far they come in a variety of different styles and purposes designed to induce sexual pleasure and satisfaction and these range from sex toys that are used to stimulate the surface area of the skin such as a warternberg wheel, to insertables for prostate or g-spot such as a wand, or even to a chastity device to lock up your partner. Depending on the type of sex toy you are most comfortable with, some are meant to be used gently as massagers, whilst others are meant to express dominance and play into roles of submission.

Steel Stilettoes

Sex toys are meant to enhance pleasure sexually thus it’s very important that you learn how to use them properly and correctly. One of the most important things that you should do before using a steel sex toy is that you should check for imperfections that the toy may have. This includes tears, cracks and rough seams that have resulted from improper use, throwing the toy against a hard object, incorrect storage, or by dropping the toy on a hard surface. If your toy has an imperfection such as a crack, or mark then it is advised that you get a new toy. It is very important that the toy is flawless; this is due to the fact that some of the sex toys are inserted into the body. A crack may have a sharp edge on it which can cause damage to the delicate lining of the anus or vagina during insertion.

While using steel sex toys you should ensure that the toy is well lubricated- despite the idea that steel is smooth and will have little to no drag and resistance we would still recommend the usage of lubricant as this will vastly improve pleasure. When selecting your lubricant to use with the steel sex toy you will need to make sure that the lubricant has no abrasive qualities or harsh chemical in them, and that you choose a lubricant that does not react with your body. Some lubricants such as flavored lubricants may contain glycerin or other chemicals which can cause yeast infection in some women, or may react poorly to the skin. You may have heard that some lubricants made of silicone will damage silicone toys after several uses– however silicone lubricants are perfectly safe to use with metal sex toys owing to the fact that metal will in no way react to the silicone.

If you share sex toys with someone it’s very important that you use a condom, especially to sex toys which are inserted – with the exception of fluid bonded partners. It very important to use protection because if you do not properly clean sex toys after use there may still be viruses and bacteria on the surface. Despite the fact that metal sex toys will not absorb bacteria, improper cleaning after anal insertion may result in particles on the toy that can cause contamination when inserting into other people. It is very important that you clean properly, or sterilize the toy between uses. Alternatively, you can wrap an insertable toy into a condom, and simply change the condom when inserting your toy into someone new.

Metal Toy Hygiene


There are many luxury brands on the market which recommend and produce metal sex toys because of their beauty and their ability to be completely sterilized. Cleaning a steel sex toy properly is very crucial in order to avoid bacterial infection and STIs and ensure there is no markings on the toy. Some bacteria will die immediately after being exposed to the air, however other types of bacteria can cling to foreign particles or fluid on the toy, which can survive for some time. In case your sex toy has batteries always remove them before using water to clean your toy, and take care not to let water into the electrical compartment. There are different methods of cleaning metal sex toys and they include –

The Dishwasher:-

One method of cleaning sex toys is by using dish washer, certain sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs can only be run through a water cycle. It’s crucial that you remove any organic matter on the toys before placing them in a dish washer. It’s important not to use dish washer detergents because they can be highly abrasive. Dish washers that have a sanitize option are the only ones that can get hot enough to the point where they can sanitize the toy. Alternatively you can use a portable sanitizer that you would use to sterilize your baby’s accessories in.


Another method is boiling your toy. Steel sex toys can be placed into boiling water for old fashioned sanitizing. Place the toys in a steamer for roughly 5 minutes then remove the toys and wipe them with a soft cloth. Alternatively you can put them in a container, put a wet dishcloth on the bottom, and then pour over boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Rinse, repeat as per necessary.

Standard Cleaners:-

You can also use your standard foam bottle, or sex toy cleaner that you can purchase at any sex store whether that be a bricks and mortar store, or online. Simply follow the directions on the bottle, wipe down afterwards, and rinse and repeat as per necessary. Ensure that the cleaner that you are using is non-abrasive. If you’re using household cleaners, remember that some of these cleaners are not suitable for metal and further, that they are not body safe. As such we do not recommend household cleaners excepting emergencies, and ensure that all chemicals are washed off the toy before storage.

Best Metal Sex Toy Cleansers

As you can see there are many ways that you can use to safely and easily clean your metal sex toy. You have the option of boiling or soaking it to sterilize it, use a bleach and water solution (One part bleach to ten parts water), use a dishwasher or just your simple adult product cleaning solution available at your sex store. It is really easy keeping steel sex toys clean owing to their lack of seams, and unless the toy is damaged or broken there will be no cracks or crevasses that body fluids can hide in.


Steel sex toys should be stored in a dry place to ensure the toys durability. It’s important the toys are away from dust, water, fur and hair – not so much that these things can damage the toy, but because they can leave particles in the toy which can cause issues if they are inserted into the body. There are various methods that you can use to store your sex toys. Some toys may come with a velvet bag which is the easiest to use, you may purchase additional bags or even wrap your toy in some old hosiery, or a hosiery bag that you would insert into your washing machine to clean hosiery without damaging them.

Either of these bags would work very well in storing your toys. The main thing is to ensure that they’re not put into a position where they can come into contact with each other, or be thrown against each other which can ultimately damage the toy. It is important that sex toys be placed into a bag during transport to avoid this. You could also use any form of drawstring bag, and it would be ideal if this was a thick material as these are the best for storing sex toys. We do not recommend plastic/sandwich bags in the storage of sex toys, as moisture trapped in these bags can cause issues or provide a breeding ground for bacteria.