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Hell's Couture Double Ended Dildo Steel
Caption: Sex Toy: Double Ended Dildo Steel

Steel Dildos and Vibrators are often made to be non-phallic in appearance, this means they do not look like a realistic penis. They are designed ergonomically and are shaped specifically for pleasure whether that is for g-spot stimulation or for prostate stimulation.

Due to the hardness of steel, most are made with bulbous tips or gently tapered edges so that they can be easily inserted and safely used. You will find that most Steel Dildos and Vibrators are not thoroughly textured, they have smooth bends and curves that provide just enough stimulation to get you climaxing to your hearts content. These types of sex toys are not made to be flexible and soft like silicone, the feeling it provides is quite different.

If you were to use a Steel Dildo or Vibrator at room temperature, it will start off cold but when you begin to use it will naturally adapt to your body temperature. People enjoy warming them up in warm water or frosty water for a few minutes before use to give added sensation when they are masturbating. You should always test the temperature before you go to use it that way you don’t get any nasty surprises. Steel Steel Dildo or Vibrator are compatible to use with almost any type of lubricant whether it is water-based or silicone-based, all you have to do is pick your favourite one!

One of the greatest advantages of using Steel Dildos and Vibrators is that they are completely non-porous. You don’t have to worry about nasty bacteria staying on the surface of the sex toy as long as you ensure that you properly clean it with some mild soap and warm water or by using anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Steel Dildos can also be cleaned in a dish washer and they can be boiled.

What’s more, they can last you a lifetime simply store it away from your other toys and ensure you place it in a storage bag to prevent it from coming in contact with something which may potentially scratch it.