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Bondage play can be a very exciting form of sexual activity and this is partly because it is often viewed at as quite dangerous and sexy. Think about it, when it comes to restraints many people think that there are three tiers of use. The 1st tier which involves your fluffy hand cuffs, your cute set that you can get from the novelty section of the Adult store. The Second tier being your more advanced cuff sets that are still kind of cute and not overly serious and this could include velcro sets such as the ones made by Sportsheets and the position masters in that kind of category. The third tier would be your more serious leather products that can be locked and can be aesthetically more intense than the other tiers. But now there’s a fourth tier, one which has steel and metal and is your most durable, heaviest and most intense bondage cuffs and sets.

Steel is what you associate with things like being sent to prison, and there’s that whole aesthetic, bad boy/girl sense to being restrained by steel collars and cuffs. Collars are an important part of bondage play as they can, in most cases, signify the social structure of the relationship in some form or another. An individual wearing a collar with a leash attached is most likely going to be in a submissive role, whereas an individual wearing a steel collar with an M for Master on it is more than likely going to be in a dominant role.

As you can see, bondage collars are mainly used to mark the role of a partner in a BDSM relationship while cuffs are used to restrain and to show dominance over a submissive partner by the dominant one. Since collars are mostly for identification purposes, most people have them personalized either by having their names or a symbol and often personal engraving on the collar. For example, in puppy play, a puppy which has been named will often have their name immortalised onto their collar. In other situations, when a person is collared during a collaring ceremony there’ll be an engraving or mark on the collar which is both personal, intimate and meaningful to the couple being collared. Collared ceremonies are an intimate part of a master and submissive relationship and can be a testament to a couples BDSM relationship.Sexy Bondage Girl In Chains

Some people are not keen on handcuffs because of the reference that it entails to a life and world of crime and police. Handcuffs, especially steel ones, seem to be reserved for hardened criminals and as such some people find steel handcuffs to be a little too much in terms of role play and BDSM scenarios. However, the cuffs used during bondage play are specifically designed for role playing during sexual activity and are made in such a way as not to cause any damage to the user’s wrists or ankles. Bondage equipment, for the most part with some exceptions, is often made to look far worse than their bite and bondage equipment actually leads the way in terms of creating safe and comfortable sexual equipment.

When it comes to bondage collars and cuffs, you will find that both are made using a variety of materials including leather, titanium, wood and stainless steel. This gives the user a variety to choose from depending on their taste and preference and aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel has slowly become one of the most sought out material for both bondage cuffs and collars. One of the reasons is because steel conveys a sense of strength and toughness making it ideal to create the perfect scene for BDSM, and this is accentuated through the sheer beauty of stainless steel and its aesthetic value. Much the same way in why people will spend ages looking for the perfect pair of leather cuffs that fit precisely what they’re looking for. The fact that it looks good and is still able to provide a secure and strain restraint is definitely a plus.

Collars & Cuffs

Cross Over Cuffs

handcufss that cross over

A really captivating idea -They are simple and clever, and the handcuffed cannot free themselves. Each wrist is placed over the other in a cross over effect, which is very reminiscent of old school prisons, or conveys the effect that the person being cuffed is a prisoner of some kind. Cross your hands and let the cuffs do their job. High wearing comfort in several arm positions, these are quite suitable for long-term use. Because they’re useful in restraining both hands in a single piece, this set is fantastic when combined with a scene with impact play.

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Steel Restraint Set

Metal BDSM Restraints

Steel Restraint Set – The Steel restrain set is an awesome five piece set for those that want it all. This particular type of steel bondage restraints are not only quite secure, but they’re a quick release as well. Each restraint has a small magnetic pin which holds the restraint secure, and there is no way too move that magnetic pin without using the small pin to push it out. Whilst some other sets will use aallen key, Allen keys can be a slow process especially if you’re looking to get someone out in a hurry. This set, push the pin out of its magnetic socket, and the restraint will immediately unclasp. Easy!

What I love about this set is the versatility. Coming with a collar, Hand Cuffs, and Ankle Cuffs you can combine these all at once and attach a chain, or you can use bits and pieces of the set to create your ultimate fantasy. Want to create a slave? Then add the ankle cuffs, run a long chain from one leg, to the collar and then back down to the other leg and you’ll have an instant device which restricts movement and will weigh them down. Keep in mind the following measurements though — the unfortunate thing when it comes to steel is that you need to ensure that you’re getting the perfect size; collar: 120mm, cuff: 57mm, Ankle: 90mm

Hardcore Metal Restraints

When looking to buy stainless steel bondage collars and cuffs for your sexual pleasure, adventures and fantasies there are some things you be aware of as shown below:

As you have seen in the above set – there are different types of cuffs and collars on the market to choose from. Some will have quick release, and others will not, some will be versatile, yet others will have a single and specific purpose to achieve. The type of collar or cuff that you choose will mainly depend on your experience with BDSM, its use and lastly your preference and the goals that you want to achieve.

New buyers are usually adventurous and may have to sample a few different types of bondage collars and cuffs before they find what works for them. The excitement of trying out bondage play usually makes them purchase several different types but eventually when they discover what works best for them they will form a preference for the bondage collars and cuffs that best suit them and stick with that. This is a practice which extends to pretty much any type of sexual exploration and it needs to be kept in mind that perfection may not always be achieved on the first go.

Round Bar Collar

Metal Bondage Collar

Round Bar Collar- There are some collars out there which are just plain beautiful and this is one of them. Gone is the harshness of steel and in its place you’ll find rounded edge, and an o ring to attach a chain, or a lead. This is a solid piece in comparison to something like an angel hair collar and its boldness is heavy and will add a delightful weight to the neck. Something like this piece will ensure that no one will forget who’s in charge.

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