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BDSM Suspension Devices And Spreader Bars

The information on this page will provide you with the basic knowledge in what a hanger and spreader can do in order to change your bondage play. We won’t go too into depth here as the aim is to still allow you to explore the devices completely, we’ll just give you a starting point to move on with.

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What Is A Bondage Spreader Bar?

A bondage spreader is usually a steel device that’s used in bondage scenes to keep the arms and/or legs spread apart. This allows for the play partner to fully access the rest of the body unimpeded and without interruption. Especially useful for something like tickle play, spanking or whipping, a spreader bar will prevent the submissive from moving their arms and legs to prevent themselves from being struck. Not only can this movement be dangerous if the dom hits the wrong body part, but it also increase the sense of powerlessness of the submissive. Bondage spreaders are usually made of metal, but can also be made from wood. They will have D rings at each end of the bar which rope, or cuffs can be attached to, and some designs will have multiple D rings or adjustable D rings for customization and/or the attachment of extra cuffs.

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What Is A Bondage Hanger?

Despite the name, a hanger’s purpose is not necessarily to specifically ‘hang’ someone up. To do so could be incredibly dangerous, unless the design is specifically made for suspension. A hanger is generally used in conjunction with suspension play, or rope play and will generally come as an anal hanger or vaginal hanger. An anal hanger is a solid piece of steel which is specifically designed for the ass, it may or may not have a ball on the end which can stimulate the prostate or massage the vaginal walls. With the ‘hook’ bit inside of you, your bondage partner would then attach the other end of the hook to rope, or suspension toys for the purpose to create intricate and often beautiful bondage situations. It is extremely important to note that the anal hook does not hold the entirety of the person’s weight in suspension, and the points of weight will be evenly distributed throughout the arrangement. The anal hook is but one part of the distribution of weight.

The vaginal hanger is used in a similar fashion – though it is often a little shorter than the anal hanger. Like the anal hook, the shorter arm of the vaginal hanger is inserted into the body, with rope attached to the longer end which will contain a ring. Both the vaginal and anal hangers are recommended for people who have knowledge in suspension, and understand even distribution of weight, as well as being well versed and knowledgeable in bondage and suspension safety.

As mentioned above hangers are not necessarily to be used by beginners unless they’re in the presence of someone who is either training them, or has sound knowledge of suspension and bondage techniques and safety. Spreader bars can be considered easy to use, and are exceptionally useful in situations where you do not have other objects to tether the submissive to. This can include standing up against a wall, outdoor bondage and other similar situations. Care needs to be taken to ensure the safety of all, and that basic things like the attached cuffs are not too tight in order to cut off circulation unless that is the understanding of all people involved.

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What Is A Spreader Bar?

Spreaders are a basic bondage tool and are necessary in many forms of bondage play. They can be combined with things such as vibrating wands, whips, paddles, pegs and all sorts of things – the imagination is the only limitation when it comes to using spreader bars. It is thanks to websites such as this which are dedicated to providing sex education and information that people are finding it easier to be open up about their sexual fantasies. Continued experimentation and physical exploration has led to an insatiable thirst for pleasure from both couples and the average person who thrills in the delights of bondage.

Market entrants in the form of sex hangers and spreaders are a testament to the sex toy manufacturer’s brilliant creativity and a futuristic approach to bringing back kink and sexy naughtiness to the bedroom. Below you’ll find a short compilation of the top rated sexy spreaders and hangers courtesy of Adult Smart and how you can safely include them in your lovemaking for prolonged foreplay, heightened sensations and even more explosive climaxes.

Hangers & Spreaders

Steel Dual Vaginal & Anal Hanger

Anal and Vagina Hanger

This unique sex toy is the perfect addition to any sex toy collection for couples. It can be purchased with two stainless steel balls and an open ring for roping making it the ideal partner in crime for couples who are into bondage and like to switch it up. The steel balls are cleverly designed to be inserted into the anus while the anal hook rests against the back or alternatively you can attach two balls with one steel ball for the vagina, and the other steel ball for the ass. The 18 mm diameter ring can then be connected to ropes for a sexy tie up that can include suspension. The bound partner then makes physical movements which manipulate how the steel balls move inside their anus, or the dominant partner can attach a secondary rope which they can use to manually manipulate the position of the hanger and provide stimulation.

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Incom Vaginal Hanger

Incom Vagina BDSM Hanger

Hell’s Couture’s Incom Vaginal Hanger is a must-have for the fantasy freak. This unconventional sex toy, like the Steel Dual, is designed to allow the incorporation of shibari play with toy stimulation for women. This 25mm thick vaginal hook is specially designed to induce powerful sensations to a consenting bound partner. The best thing about it is that it has no sharp edges, which means that you can get rough if you so wish without fear of injury to your partner. There are two integral parts for rope attachment for those who like to kick the session up a notch.

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Mandatory Anal Hanger with Cock and Ball Ring

Bondage Hanger with Cock Ring

The bedroom just got hotter thanks to the Mandatory Hung Lo, another magnificent Hell’s Couture invention. This hybrid hanger is a dream come true for extreme roping freaks. Not only does it allow for intimacy but also comfortable insertion and bondage at the same time. The ball is set on a 10 mm bar and moves freely after insertion. The best thing about this toy is that you are able to replace the ball with different sized balls. This means that you get to pick your pleasure from a variety of differently sized balls ranging from small to extra-large.

BDSM Steel Hanger

Sina Bondage Nose Hook

Nostril Torture Device

This nose hook is an excellent choice for people who get off on pain and a little sexy torture. The hook is made of stainless steel and has well rounded and finished edges to reduce any chances of injury. Just as the name suggests, it is placed on the nose and secured with a rope. It is a great addition to a hogtie or a neck collar. For a realistically hot session, incorporate fetish wear into the mix. These are great for hardcore bondage sessions and humiliation play or foreplay.

Bondage Nose Hook