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Which metal is best for sex toys

Which Metal Is Best For Sex Toys

There are many types of metals which are used in the adult lifestyle industry, the main ones which include surgical stainless steel, aluminium and chrome. The best type of metal that is recommended for sex toys has many features and benefits.

The Features And Benefits Of Metal Sex Toys

-Durability, Strength And Hardness:

Since you will be using a sex toy which is made out of metal, you will need to ensure that you are buying a product which is made from durable, hard and strong material. For example, if you drop a metal sex toy on the floor you may be more scared of damaging the tiles than the actual sex toy itself, as the metal is made to withstand high amounts of pressure. This is one of the main benefits of why people love metal sex toys.

– Corrosion Resistance:

A great thing about metal is that it has varying levels of corrosion resistance. This is great so that you are able to use the metal sex toy with any type of lubricant including water-based, silicone-base and oil-based. We find using SuperSlyde lubricant makes a big difference.

– Metal Sex Toys Are Made With High Quality Materials:

In order for a sex toy to becreated and sold in a sex toy shop, it must be made with high quality metals. This is beneficial so you know you are buying a product which is made to last a life time.

–  Metal Sex Toys Can Last A Lifetime:

If you take care of the metal sex toy properly it can last you a lifetime. This means you will have to wash it thoroughly after each use with mild soapy water or anti-bacterial toy spray and store it separately from other sex toys so that the surface of the sex toy does not scratch.

– Surgical or Medical Grade Sex Toys:

Surgical grade or Medical grade material is considered to be phthalate free, body-safe and non-toxic. This is especially important if you are learning how to use a penis plug safely since you are inserting it directly into your urethra.

– Metal Sex Toys And Allergies:

The most common allergy which people have is a reaction to nickel. Before you buy a sex toy, it is recommended to read what materials they are made out of. To do this you may need to read the packaging, find information from a website like within a sex toy review or even contact the adult lifestyle brand who make the product. The Australasian Society Of Clinical Immunology And Allergy recommends different types of allergy tests that you can undertake to find out whether you are allergic to metals like nickel.

– Metal Sex Toys Are Non-porous:

Metal has no pores that can trap harmful bacteria. The only thing you have to keep an eye out is whether your sex toy has any soft ridges or grooves which are meant to add additional pleasure during masturbation. If these ridges or grooves are not cleaned properly will leave behind residue. Sex toy made from metal are always high polished which means there should be no cracks at all!

– Affordability:

Sex toys shops that sell cock rings, penis plug, cock cages and much more retail their products at affordable price points. Since sex toys made from metal can last you a life time, you are really making a lifelong investment. So if you are purchasing a product that is priced at $60 it is really affordable seeing as you will be using it over a long period of time.

Surgical Stainless Steel is considered to be one of the most durable sex toy materials available to purchase in the adult lifestyle industry. It’s so easy to care for and easy to use, people really cannot go wrong when they are making a purchase.

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