Steel Sex Toys

Medical sex toys

Medical Equipment Used For Sex Play

The use of steel medical devices has become a fetish within the bondage world for those that want to engage in medical sex play, or role play a medical scene.  Medical sex toys have risen in popularity as a result of this fetish and encompass a variety of toys which have been used in the medical industry both in the past and in current times. Whoever said that going to the doctor was a chore has never engaged in this particular fetish? Below you’ll find some steel medical sex toys and some notes on how to properly use them that will result in both a safe scene, and sexual excitement.

Medical Sex toys

Wartenberg Pinwheel

BDSM Pin Wheel

One of my favourite medical sex toys is the wartenberg pinwheel. It is said to have been invented by Dr Robert Wartenberg who was a Belorussian neurologist who escaped from Germany during the Nazi occupation. This device was construed in order to test nerve reactions from the skin in order to assist with understanding of nerve damage, and loss of nerve functions. These wheels are still used today for this purpose, but have since become popular in the BDSM world for usage during sensory deprivation, tickling and teasing. The pinwheel is ultimately used to produce a variety of stimulation for sensory play and it is incredibly versatile. Light pressure will create a tickling sensation, where if it is used with a slow and firm pressure it can create pain and discomfort. If used incorrectly or with too much force, the skin can be broken through the use of this toy, so care needs to be taken to individual skin conditions and each person’s pain thresholds.

– Using this device during sensory deprivation, particularly sight, forcing the body to heighten and ultimately rely on its sense of touch in order to understand its surroundings.

– Altering the temperature of this toy before use, with either warmed water, or ice cubes.

– Combining the use of this toy with an electrical device that will emit electrical shocks such a violet wand.

– using a substance that alters the skin in either a warming or cooling way such as Witch hazel, or deep heat and using the pinwheel to provide stimulation to the affected skin area at the same time.

– combining the use of the pinwheel with a soft texture such as silk or a feather and using one of the textures to follow the other.

The pinwheel can come in a range of sizes, from having a single wheel, to having seven wheels with the most popular being either the three wheeled or the five wheeled wartenberg. This amount will still allow for flexibility and speed in finding the sensitive areas of the body.

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3-Prong Anal Speculum

Anal Speculum

The stainless steel medical speculum is used to spread tissue during anal checks and it is a beloved favorite for those that adore anal play. The probe segment on this piece is 3.5 inches in length and is 0.75 inches in diameter when closed. If fully opened the prongs spread to 2.5 inches apart. Not for the faint hearted, care must be used when using speculums to ensure that the skin isn’t being pinched, and that undue pressure is not being placed on the submissive during the scene. It is advised that you communicate, and work out a safe word, or safe action that can be deployed if the scene isn’t going according to plan. As with any form of anal play, make sure that you warm the sphincter muscles before attempting to go large so that you’re not putting the delicate tissue at risk of tearing.

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Vaginal-Rectum Stretcher

Anal Speculum

This medical tool is used to check the inside of a patient’s rectum with ease. It has an open design, which allows as much light as possible, which will allow the use to ‘inspect’ their playmates insides. Not for the faint hearted, you can then lock this toy into place, keeping the anal/vaginal entryway open for fluids or for further toys and or stimulation.

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Ultimate Anal Spreader

Anal Medical Play

Anal Spreader – Is used as a sex toy to obtain a deeper look inside a partner’s anal cavity with this instrument. The Anal spreader is used as a tool for those who enjoy inserting large objects in their anal cavities. With the anal spreader one slowly trains their anal holes to spread to its limits. This Anal spreader can open up to 5.5inches in width and each of the arms is 3 inches in length and 0.25 inches in width.

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Hegar Sounding Kits

Urethral Sounds Set

Hegar Urethral Sounds – This Hegar Sound Sets are a combination of kits containing urethral dilators of various amounts of sounds. Every sound has a differing size on each end, consequently providing a total of sixteen graduated sizes, varying between 3mm and 18mm. The main purpose of this sound set is to gently and gradually enlarge the urethra whenever it is inserted in the urethra for dilation. Please note that care must be taken when using urethral sounds, from using the correct lubricant (sterile lubricant) to ensuring that insertion is slow and gradual. Inserting urethral sounds too quickly or at the wrong angle can result in damage to the delicate tissue on the inside of the urethra. For those that partake in this kind of sexual stimulation – the results can be astoundingly worth it with people describing it as an orgasm from the inside out.Penis Plugs Online

Huge Equine Vaginal Speculum

Massive BDSM Speculum

This one is big. It is so big that it comes with a warning that it should be attempted by experienced people whom are into stretching or fisting. This enormous stainless steel vaginal speculum was intended for large animals during diagnostic checkups and other procedures. It has excellent quality since it is made of surgical stainless steel and can be used for frequent sterilizations. In order to operate this speculum simply turn the hand screw until the desired width is achieved. The length of this medical device is an enormous 17 inches with a spread of nearly four inches. Use carefully.

Massive Vaginal Speculum

Jennings Dental Mouth Gag

Jennings Dental Gag

Jennings Dental Mouth Gag – This medical tool is used by oral surgeons and dentists to keep a patient’s mouths open during checkups and surgeries. It is made of a high quality stainless steel and it measures 5.5 inches in width. Useful for gagging, or forced consumption of liquid, or insertion of objects ot body parts into the mouth.

Jennings BDSM Gag

Young Tongue Forceps

Steel Medical Equipment

Young forceps are the ultimate clamp. These forceps are made of stainless steel and comes with a removable jagged rubber tips on its end. The rubber tips are used to provide the texture needed for more pleasure as well as providing the extra bite when used as a sex toy. Young forceps has three different locking points to provide a desired intensity. These forceps are used on different body parts like the nipples, penis, labia or scrotum.

Young Tongue Forceps