Must-Have Sex Toys for Online Cam Modeling

Must-Have Sex Toys for Online Cam Modeling

Three things are important like having must-have sex toys on your journey to make a lot of money as an online cam model. You must have the passion for it, you must choose the right platform to showcase your talent, and of course you must have the right tools for the job.

Having a passion for cam modeling makes your job a lot easier because, well, it wouldn’t even feel like a job. You’d simply be doing what you love and earning a huge amount of money for it.

Choosing the right platform makes sure you get rewarded for your effort and wouldn’t have to worry about switching platforms down the line.

And lastly, having the right tools for the job means having the needed technical setup, and most importantly, the right sex toys for ensuring maximum success and maximum revenue.


Choosing the Right Platform


The first step of a successful cam modeling journey is picking the right platform to broadcast on. Now this might seem like a pretty trivial step, but when you consider that committing to one platform is the best way to maximize your chances, you start to realize why it is highly imperative that the one platform should be the right one.

We won’t waste time debating what makes a great platform, but generally what you want in your choice site is reliability, ease of navigation, a good reward system, and lots of internal traffic.

For this, our best choice without a doubt is Chaturbate. Along with excelling in all the metrics above, Chaturbate also gives you numerous tools and features that you need to stand out and carve out a name for yourself as a new broadcaster on the site.


Must-Have Sex Toys


As for the sex toys part of the requirements, below are some of the must-have sex toys for Chaturbate performers:


  • Lovense Lush


The Lovense Lush is an extremely popular bullet vibrator amongst webcam performers. The appeal of the lush can be found in its sleek and beautiful exterior along with its efficiency in getting the job done with as little noise as possible.

This is one of the reasons why it is so popular for use in outdoor areas. In fact, the Lush remains the number one go-to for all cam models because of its ability to make things interesting.

Cam shows rely on Lush for its remote-control application that allows viewers to decide when the lush works and what speed, based on the amount they tip.

This way the show remains interesting, the viewers have fun fulfilling their fantasy of making the model come, and of course the model gets to make even more money.


  • Lovense Hush


The Lovense Lush toy is quite popular for use in the vagina. For those who don’t have vaginas, however, and for those looking to make things even more interesting, the Lovense Hush is more than capable for the job.

This toy is more suited to anal use, and apart from the difference in hole requirements, they pretty much do as much an effective job as their Lush counterparts and are also remote control capable.


  • Sex Machines


Sex machines are another extremely popular in cam shows, although they are known for being present at really intense cam shows. If you’re looking to really give your viewers a show they’ll never forgets, then sex machines are more than capable of getting the job done.

There are also certain machines that have remote control capability, hence you’re able to combine fun with intensity, resulting in even more satisfied viewers and a lot of tips at the end of the day.


  • Sex Dolls


Lastly, sex dolls are another common sight in most adult cam shows that requires a solo performer to stimulate something resembling a skin-to-skin contact. Instead of having to find another model to work with, solo cam models can instead turn to a sex doll to give their fans a stimulation of this.

While it is not quite as good as the real thing, it does get the job done and is capable of getting the viewer’s attention, which of course is the aim of any show.

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