The Steel Fetish!

The Steel Fetish!

There are many types of fetishes that people use to receive supreme sexual gratification. Some are keen on clothes, mostly underwear, which enhance their sexual drive, others are crazy about some parts of the body. The most worshiped parts of the body are feet, toes and hair. But, a huge number of fetishes are linked to objects of different sizes, colors and of course made of different materials. One of the most popular object fetish is steel fetish. No, this is not masturbating while looking at a steel building, a car or a knife. It is not really something visual, rather something related to feeling and getting into physical contact with objects made of steel. And they can be of any shape and size, but typically it is objects that have a form that allows penetration and provide an enhanced stimulation of the sensitive parts of your body. Read on the article to know what are the most popular steel fetishes and how you can use them to achieve a fulfilling sexual gratification.

1. Steel Anal Plugs

One of the most sought after sexual pleasures nowadays is anal stimulation. A sure way to help your body receive additional pleasure, by reaching out to very sensitive areas. Of course, not everybody has enough courage to venture out into an anal penetration session, but others are pretty confident and can’t wait to tickle this sensitive area. If you would like to try this fetish, an object that is recommended to have on you is a steel anal plug. This toy has a special shape that has a bulky end that gets slimmer, up until it turns into a sharp tip on the opposite side. In this way, the plug is made to encourage a pleasant and painless penetration and provide enhanced stimulation that generates incredible pleasure. The sleek steel surface of the toy allows it to slide easily and makes the insertion easy-going. Steel, in general, is preferred for other materials as it has a smooth and slippery surface that makes sex objects penetrate with little effort the body and make their way easily along the cavities without causing discomfort and pain. The bulky end of the plug makes the insertion pleasant and reaches out to more sensitive points delivering a greater satisfaction.

2. Metal Rods

Another steel fetish is urethra sounding using metal rods. They are pushed down the urethra reaching ultra sensitive spots that create an orgasmic pleasure. This fetish is practiced both by men and women, still men find it easier to slide the rod down their urethra as it is straight and its entrance is obvious. For women, it is a bit difficult, as their urethra is far inside and is surrounded by tender tissue that is easy to damage. Metal rod fetish is used by men to stimulate the prostate, and also many try it out of curiosity since men are usually the penetrators and penetrating inside them something is becoming more and more a fancy thought among shaft owners. For women, the insertion of a long steel rod into their vagina helps stimulate deep erogenous zones that are hard to reach by men’s penis and even hit the G-spot receiving a pleasurable orgasmic feeling.  Read more about this at the penis plug blog.

3. Chains, Handcuffs and Body Harnesses

Other steel fetishes include a a variety of toys for BDSM and other adventurous actions that are meant to make the couple play more entertaining and diversify it with fancy sex stuff that would strengthen the sexual bond between partners. So, these objects are not inserted in the body, but rather used as additional equipment in a sex play, being primarily applied on the body of the partners. A well-known steel fetish is handcuffs, which is used in hardcore scenes with partners engaged in a rough sex where someone dominates and talks dirty exploiting to maximum extent the partner’s body. Chain chockers are also widely used in a hot sex play as it is a good sexual drive enhancer, it helps boost the sexual arousal and trigger dirty thoughts which make the partners more eager to explore the partner’s body. Body harnesses are fancy steel fetish equipment that you wear on your body to fulfill your wildest BDSM dreams and diversify your roleplay.

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