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Here at Steel Sex Toys online we are a free information and resource site on metal sextoys.  We hope that you have found this website to be informative and fun and if you have any questions concerning surgical steel sex toys we are only too happy to assist you with any queries or direct you to someone that may be more experienced and/or relevant. For example if you have questions regarding sizing’s, care and usage, or even if you’re curious as to whether a product that you’re thinking of actually exists, then by all means shoot us a message with what you need and we will be only too happy to assist you in whatever way that we can.

If you have an interesting article or information about Steel Sex Toys we are only too happy to post it to our Steel Toys Blog and allow one link in the article to your site or blog.  If you have a related or relevant website or blog and wish to link to our site or blog we will do a reciprocal link, please use the contact us page to arrange this and we will generally reply within 2 Business days.

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    We are often disappointed when it comes to talking about steel sex toys because there are a lot of misconceptions that concern them, and as a result a beautiful sex toy is sometimes neglected or needlessly discounted because of these mistruths. At Steel Sex toys online it is our mission to correct the mistakes and ensure that we are your online resource for information for all types of metal sex toys and surgical steel medical sextoys. We debunk the myths surrounding them and allow you to find out all about the different types of sex toys made from steel, how to use them properly and safely, how to look after them and where to buy them.  Steel Sextoys are becoming more popular individuals who like to experience sex toys that are clean, smooth, and sleek and look absolutely luxurious.

    We understand that there are many safety tips and methods you should follow to ensure your steel sex play is safe and we aim to provide the information required in a fun and informative way. Some of these toys can be a little xxxtreme, and you may not be ready to use them as your explore new sexual activities, but we hope that you reconsider that when you’re properly informed because there are hundreds of thousands of satisfied users out there that sing high praises regarding steel sex toys, and will not use other materials any more.  Individual experiences have been shared on this site in the way of links and articles that will equip you to make your first steel sex toys purchase with sound knowledge and confidence.

    There are many people which whom will get sexual excitement using metal sex toys because they recognize the benefits of steel sex toys which include the enjoyment of the sleek and shiny surface which is completely body safe. Whatever your fetishes are like, you are bound to find interesting reading and tips even if you are not quite ready for it, yet.  Be sexually adventurous though and this site will guide you through areas you may previously not have considered in your bedroom play. It is the purpose of this website to spice up your love life and open up your mind to potentially new and exciting things and we trust you will test your sexual barriers and experience new and sensual delights.

    WARNING:  This site is intended for persons above the age of 18 years of age and all acts should be consenting.  Extreme sexual enjoyment may accompany the use of steel sex toys.