Things that you need to consider when purchasing Metal Restraints and Cuffs

Things that you need to consider when purchasing Metal Restraints and Cuffs

Things that you need to consider when purchasing Metal Restraints and Cuffs

 1. Usage:-

Bondage collar and cuff types are determined by their use. For example, there are collars whose main purpose is to restrain the head in one position. These are usually pretty thick and will cover the whole neck while some are just for aesthetic appeal and identification purposes. When purchasing steel bondage restraints you’ll need to consider what you’re going to be using them for and whether or not they’re going to be suited for what you and your partner want.

2. Locking:-

There are usually several options of locking devices for bondage collars and cuffs. Some of the devices will have pins which are magnetised and hold the clasp into place, others will use unique and individual key locks, and others still will use an Allen Key. Usually the choice of locks is determined by the type of material and design of the collars and cuffs. For example, leather bondage collars and cuffs usually have buckles that can be adjusted to vary the tightness of the collars and cuffs, however, stainless steel collars and cuffs have limited locking devices and usually the locking system is that of a padlock and key. Steel devices are restricted in where they can and can’t be locked and as such it is the design which plays a big part in this – the steel needs to secure and comfortable without leaving excess bits off the sides. There are a variety of different locking devices which can suit new BDSM members, where the locks are quick release and are not too extreme but for extremists who prefer something a bit more thrilling and dangerous, the locking devices can go a notch higher and can be quite intimidating and arduous to remove.


3. Comfort:-

Comfort is very important when it comes to the use of collars and cuffs especially since for most people bondage play can last for a long time, sometimes even hours. For this reason collars should never be so tight as to restrain the breathing of the user. The cuffs should also not be so tight that they cause bruises and restrict proper blood flow to the arms and legs. This means that getting the proper fit and size is very important.

Most collars and cuffs come in an array of sizes and all you have to do is know your size. If you are making your purchase online, make sure you have your proper measurements so that you get a proper size. Sometimes, due to the nature of the products and where they will be going, returns may not be permitted. So measure the body part that you need restrained, and send those measurements on to the store and have them double check for you. However, if you are making the purchase from a store, make sure you try it on before you leave the store to ensure that it fits well and that it’s comfortable for you.

4. Care:-

Stainless steel collars and cuffs can be very durable and can last for many years if they are handled properly. One of the most important tips that you need to take in mind when considering the care of these items is that you should keep the cuffs and collars clean, dry and properly stored when they are not in use. Cleaning should never be done with harsh cleaning chemicals as this could lead to the slow destruction of the cuffs and collars or subjecting them to the possibility of marks. Keep in mind that Harsh cleaning materials will damage the beautiful lustre of stainless steel materials leaving them looking dry and unattractive.

When cleaning your stainless steel bondage collars and cuffs, the best cleaning agent is simply water. With use of a clean cloth, you can simply wipe away any stains or dirt and finish it off by using a dry cloth to clear any water stains that may be left. This may sound a little too simple but it works. In the event that the collars and cuffs have stains that won’t come off with just water, then you can use simple detergent and a piece of cloth and gently scrub the spot with the stain. Once the stain is no more, rinse the collar or cuff with water and dry it off to avoid any water spots forming during drying.

One major concern that most people have is whether the stainless steel can be used in a pool or a shower. The answer is yes. However, salty water can be quite harsh on the stainless steel making it slowly lose its luster and eventually lead to rusting. For this reason it is highly advised that you do not use stainless steel collars and cuffs in salty water.

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