Important Tips For Chastity Devices

Important Tips For Chastity Devices

Important Tips For Chastity Devices

Why People Wear Them?

People wear a chastity devices for a variety of different reasons. Arguably, when someone else is in control of their sexual release they become a nicer, kinder, more attentive individual whose focus is on their partner as opposed to themselves. People who wear steel chastity devices often report stronger relationships despite sexual intimacy because they are constantly working towards the reward of having their device removed.



Chastity devices restrict access to the genitals. It is still important, especially for prolonged use that the genitals be kept clean and in good health. For solid cages, this can be quite difficult and there will be times when a cage needs to be removed for a good clean. For open cages which allow for breathing, care still needs to be taken, but it is easier to maintain. If you’re wearing an open style chastity cage you can clean using a q tip or cotton bud. Insert the cotton bud into some cleaning solution and delicately clean the genitals underneath. The cleaning solution must non-abrasive to ensure that the metal is not damaged in any way. After cleaning ensure that a good wash with either a shower head or bucket of water is used to flush away the cleaning solution to avoid a buildup which may develop an odor. After cleaning it is also important to ensure that the area is dry, an excess moisture may develop an off putting odor.


A man’s genitalia is a delicate structure. A chastity devices must be properly sized, fitted and adjusted in order to be secure and not damage the genitals. There are two main sizings that must be considered. The circumference of the base of the shaft which will hold the ring, and the size of the cage which will hold the shaft. The shaft needs to be properly secured to prevent a full erection, but it should not be held in a too restrictive state when flaccid. Air flow needs to still be able to get to the skin, which it cannot if the cage is constantly and firmly being pressed against the skin to the point where there are indentations on the shaft. What this can do is damage the skin, and place undue pressure on the delicate tissue on and in the shaft, potentially resulting in an inability to form an erection in the event that the cage is removed.

To accurately and correctly size for the cage, the same method to size for a cock ring must be used.

  1. Grab a piece of string and cut an appropriate length.
  2. Wrap the piece of string around the base of the shaft when flaccid, and pinch the string at the point where they meet. Measure the length of the string from the point they meet and divide this length by 3.14
  3. Do the above again, but this time when holding an erection. Add the two results together and you will be left with the average ring size that you need.

Steel chastity devices are durable. But there are other options to chastity cages when it comes to the materials used. Plastics and silicone are also used, but you will get the greatest satisfaction from using steel chastity devices. Following the above tips and recommendations you’ll be on your way to a happy submission in no time.

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